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Biblical Porthole  trains and music  History Porthole 

 1How music effect us  2 Music notation how we read and understand music  3 The Elements of music Melody Harmony Rhythm   4How music influnences children 5Just where music came from

1.How music effects 2.Notation 3.Music's Influences 4.Elements of Music 5. Where did music come from?
 Our programs teach children Bible 'sign language' to talk to others about Jesus Christ.

  We can make a difference one child at a time Thank you Denny LancasterWe can make a difference one child at a timeKeyboards for Christ Music Program Thank You Denny Lancaster

If you are considering teaching any of our programs please follow through the Oreintation below.

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For your research and reference about Music and other subjects
  Articles and References about the power of music and other dangers 
Please read before you continue. The articles and research done in the pages linked above are not directed at any group, or religion, or individual. God loves all people but with a Zero tolerance to  sin. To try and understand more about how children are effected by music and adult actions I have placed my research for you to read. As a retired professional musician and now a youth pastor I believe again it is a individual's right as a adult to their own freedom of choice, but it is my duty as such to open the doors to what I may see as the truth in just how our young people are influenced and to receive training in that truth.  My research was done after many hours of such research and measured according to the King James Version of the Word of God the Bible of how I see such actions, and materials.  It is your right and choice to believe and choose your own life style, religion and opinions, and I respect that for That is freedom. Likewise please respect my right to believe as I do, and that is according to Christian values, and ethics. And again it is your choice not to read these articles or teach my programs. One thing that is a proven fact MUSIC DOES INFLUENCE PEOPLE and that is certain.

Our Award Winning Programs
Artilces about Music The Keyboards for Christ Music Program Drum Craft we use in the Circle of Life Drum Circle Vacation Bible School Program Award winning harp craft of the Keyboards for Christ Music Program The Circle of Life Youth Program and Christian Drum Circle is a new and exciting program for youth 11-17

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